scentelva candles

Personal project where I have proven to myself that I am able to create an idea, choose a logo, select a name, choose colours and typography. I also, created my website from scratch, set up a shop, create a brand, method of payments, marketing research. Set up sales strategies, photoshoot, manage social media, especially Instagram. Target market audience and be an entrepreneur.


The augmented reality came to stay, hand to hand in our mobile devices. We can test and watch how an object looks and even interact with it; reality that was impossible some years ago.

To work in 3D design, on this occasion sunglasses and a perfume. You would need to start by drafting the design in Adobe Illustrator, this will be our base to start giving it shape.
We then export our vectors to 4D Cinema and we start giving it volume, texture and colour. Then we add lights, the stage is set up in the final rendering.



– Adobe Illustrator

 Cinema 4D

– AR Spark




– Adobe Illustrator

Cinema 4D

– AR Spark


During my employment I had the experience of working with some brands such as Bio Oil, Lansinoh, Pigeon, Natural Vital and Strategy. I developed my knowledge of the brand manuals, characteristics and personalities of each and one of them. Working with the Marketing team, I created content to promote products in local supermarkets and in other countries in LATAM. I had the opportunity to be creative by photo shooting products, creation of videos. I was responsible of the design of banners, packaging, labels, brochures of the products and updating of new products in both company’s website and social media. I also had the experience of working in WordPress. 



Natur Vital

Bio oil



During my employment, I had the opportunity to photoshoot several campaigns of Mupis such as Channel, Dior, xxxx. I was the photographer of the company for events and ah-hoc activities. I was responsible of taking and editing photos of the marketing campaigns. The job required a lot or organisation skills to plan the shooting of mupis in strategic locations of Panama both during day and night. All materials were used by JCDecaux to promote their services with clients.


Gabriel Chacon Freelance photographer

During my Bachelor of Design at University of Panama, I offered my services as a photographer to final year students for their graduating ceremony and events. This was a great opportunity to manager social media with my clients and promote my services in an organic manner, mainly by word of mouth. The service included editing, set up a location, organise date and time. Also, I would arrange the transportation to venue. And, last the delivery of the product according to set up deadlines both in paper and digital formats. 




other designs